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You are interested in getting experience acquired abroad in the Netherlands? As a commuter still living in Germany? Or do you even want to change completely from (Sauer-) Kraut to Frikandel and emigrate to Holland? And and this occasion you also want to take a closer look at the work you currently do, in order to make some (major) adjustments? Because you think it’s time to find a job that you really like and that really suits you? In that case this is the right place for you!

Informations about working in the Netherlands, combined with career guidance and coaching

Krautworking NL delivers all the important and up to date information about working in the Netherlands first-hand.

First-hand, because as a Podcaster (and Blogger) I’ll be on the way in Holland for you. On-location (and sometimes online) I’ll interview managers, people from HR and labour market experts, to get the answers that you need, to advance in your job search. You can directly listen to what experts say and profit from my experience during career consultation and coaching.

As a career consultant / job coach it is important to me, that you do not just find „any job“ for living, but a job, that you really like and where you experience personal development. And: Already the job search should be fun and personal development for you! Be honest: Where else do you get that?

Heiko Link

About Me

I was born in 1974 and I’m an expert for the hidden job market, where vacancies get filled via personal contacts and networks.

In Germany I’ve been working as a career consultant and job coach since 2011. My company / slogan is „Thank god it’s Monday!“ (Endlich Montag!) I work with clients, who are looking for orientation in their career and a job that they really like in their home country. „Endlich Montag!“ also had it’s own jobseeker podcast. Within four years I recorded a little bit more that 100 episodes, which are still available. The Krautworkers NL Podcast is a kind of new, further developed version of the „Endlich Montag!“ jobseeker podcast.

Because even the best career advice is completely useless, when you find reasons not to make the next / first step or if have an inner block regarding any kind of upcoming changes, I started to work as a humour coach in 2012. „Business Lemonade“ is my „humour company“, where I offer the „Humour Podcast„. It’s a German podcast, but there will soon be some interviews in English with people from the Netherlands. So it might be a good idea to subscribe and listen to this podcast as well. wink

Stop groping around in the dark:
Find out what kind of work you really would like to do!


Finding your skills and potential

Getting clear about your interests and field of business

Determining your important working conditions

Being clear about what kind of job you would love to do

Generating job ideas and goals

Find a job in the Netherlands

Working in a Dutch company, is this like you imagine it? What are the differences between Dutch and German employers? What a the cultural differences? And, really important: Which vacation would be ideal and really fit to you and your needs? How could you build a network and get the right contacts to get this job? You’ll get the answers to all these questions during job coaching as well as during your job search in the hidden job market.

Non-binding conversation

If you would like to meet me and get more information about coaching and how it takes place, you are welcome to make an appointment for a free first conversation. By phone, online or in my office in Hiddenhausen.

The Dutch boarder is just a one hour drive away from my office and you only have to drive straight ahead. You definitively can’t miss it! wink

1 on 1 coaching on an hourly rate

Suitable for clients who are partially clear about the aspects of their future career and who need an external stimulus.

Also suitable for clients who would like to learn how it works to you find your skills, interests, etc. and who then want to work independently with e. g. friends to get their personal results.

1 on 1 coaching on a fixed rate

Let’s roll up our sleeves start: Together we will analyse your potential, find your skills, determine your important working conditions, values and interests in a 1 on 1 coaching. We will generate job ideas and goals by combining some of these aspects.

Job search in the hidden job market is something we won’t only do in theory: You will also practice it in real companies. Furthermore I’ll accompany you during your real job search after we finished job coaching for a period of three month.

Humour Coaching

You don’t get started. You can’t make any decisions. You do have ideas, but you also always do have good reasons why they will not work out. Happiness is gone. Relaxation and easiness are so far away, you don’t even think about that.

The first thing you have to do is sorting things and thoughts. You have to get clear about a lot of stuff, before you are able to make the next step. In this case, humour coaching is ideal for you.

Unlock your full potential

Get orientation to find your way

What kind of job would you like to have? And where do you want to work? Which doesn’t only mean somewhere in the Netherlands! We are talking about the business field in which you would like to work: Where can you combine your profession with your personal interests? And therefore are looking forward to go to work and are fancy about the next training course …

Generate job ideas and goals

You already checked all the professions in your job centre, the World Wide Web or online job boards? And didn’t find anything appropriate for you? In that case it will be a pleasure for you, to approach this topic in a really creative way …

Job search in the Netherlands

In public announcements you’ll find the job, no one in the network wanted to have. For good reasons! I’ll show you how to build and join networks in Holland and how to get the really good jobs. Without covering letter. Without CV. Avoiding the annoying and loveless standard application process. Going this way is also ideal for job seekers who want to enter a field of work different from their educational background.

Humour Coaching

This is the strong stimulus, that enables you to take a glance from a different, humorous perspective at all the shit happening every day. Humour coaching helps, if your boss upsets you or when you have to make difficult decisions like quitting your current job or not. It’s also suitable, when the stress of your job moves into your private life where it e. g. causes additional problems with your partner. You have to try humour coaching, when you experience pressure from outside in your personal environment, which makes it impossible for you to feel free and self-confident. Laughter banishes negative thoughts from your mind. The new perspective helps you sorting your thoughts, releases the stop-button in your head and enables you to make the next steps.

Start forging your own path into your new life today!

Take your chance for personal development during the experience abroad and  coaching. Don’t wait any longer. Start forging your own path today and get my support. Because life is too short to spend ages of it on a boring plateau!


Why is it called "Krautworking NL"?

When I was looking for a name for my new podcast and website, the first thing I thought about, where typical Dutch dishes. The first association I had with Holland was the Frikandel. My wife said, that I might upset the Dutch, if I kind of „reduce“ them to a Frikandel. From a German point of view, a Frikandel doesn’t look like something delicious, especially when it’s coming out of an vending machine. On the other hand: Does a Currywurst look better? However: I understood what my wife wanted to say …

I spoke with a Dutch woman about this and she really would have loved a name with Frikandel in it. Well, that’s how it works in life … wink Nevertheless I prefer a name which is self-ironic to the Germans and which doesn’t take the us Germans too seriously. These two aspects are important for me.

When I was thinking about typical German dishes, I remembered the nickname „The Krauts“, which people in other countries have for the Germans. I don’t eat Sauerkraut every day, but I like it every now and then. If I’m not going to a networking event afterwards … wink

To combine Kraut and Working is very obvious and I think it’s also funny. There’s just the .NL missing, to include the country it’s all about and to get a short and to the point name for my new project. And the domain is also clear. Any question? wink

Do I have to speak English during coaching?

Of course we can speak German during coaching most of the time.

I’m convinced, that you have to speak English, once you start with your job search in the Netherlands. Unless you speak Dutch of course. wink That’s why we’ll practice the English conversation you’ll need in Holland during coaching.

Speaking Dutch is something I have to learn on my own. I put it on my to-do list. So the Krautworkers NL Podcast has to be in English right now. I’m quite sure that it also will be in English in the future, because I assume, that most Germans don’t speak Dutch.


Do I have to travel to Hiddenhausen for coaching?

You are very welcome, to come to my office. It’s quite big, offers a lot of space and I always have coffee for you!

Of course you don’t have to travel. We also can meet online and do coaching via a video-call.

We also could do a mixture of meeting personally in my office and meeting online. Whatever suit’s you best …

How long is a coaching session / coaching course?

Humour coaching never exceeds one hour. Within this hour you get so much input, that you won’t ask for more. wink I give you my word.

The duration of career consulting / job coaching depends on your personal situation and it depends on what you would like to have. The maximum a client booked so far, where 15 hours job coaching. Usually we get you back on track quicker. It’s always your choice, how many hours coaching you want and in what period of time you want to have them.

When we meet for coaching, we can do an intensive hour or two or three hours. However it suits you and your needs best. I offer different modules and every time one is done, I’ll ask you: Would you like to get more input today? Or is it enough for the moment? You’ll get homework for each module and a lot of clients want the homework to be done and proceed step by step. However, this is very individual and differs from client to client. Also very individual is the time clients have available for doing their homework as well as meeting for coaching. We are looking for the golden mean between: Being stressed and taking ages to finish coaching.

Is it possible to book coaching in the evening or at weekends?

Yes, of course.

If clients don’t have time during the day, I usually make appointments in the evening. It rarely happens that this doesn’t work out, so that we have to meet on weekends. But, of course this is also possible. Just ask me.

If you want to postpone coaching, because e. g. your babysitter at a short notice said that he won’t come or because something unexpected happened, this is of course possible. As long as you contact me as soon as possible, we’ll get that sorted.

How can I book consulting / coaching??

Just call me to make an appointment. If you end up on my voicemail, I’ll of course call you back.

Alternatively you can send an eMail. Normally I’ll then ask you, if it’s possible to have a quick phone call. My experience is, that this is the most effective and best way for both of us.

If I’ll call you back, please let me know beforehand, if it’s okay to call you during the day. Or if you prefer to get my call in the evening or at the weekend …

You shouldn’t buy a pig in a poke! Just feel free to ask me, if you want to know anything about coaching, the way I work or whatever question you might have.

Working fair and co-operative with my clients right from the start is very important to me. That’s why both of us have an honest look and conversation about my offer and if it suits to your needs. And we’ll honestly check, if the two of us fit together. I’m not going to sell you something, you don’t need, just to make money. I’ll keep this attitude and mindset, during coaching all the time. Ask me anything you want to know and be sure, to get an honest answer.

What My Clients Say


I never expected, that the realization of what I learned in coaching would be so much fun. I told my husband, that the money I spent for my career coaching was the best investment I made this year! – Bella from Krefeld


Your career workshop formed the foundations for the radical changes I made in my life over the past few years. – Jana Richter aus Giersleben


Your revealing humour coaching started some balls rolling and gave me the confidence to follow a new way. You took away my fears making this step and I’m looking forward to my new chapter in life. – Maik from East Westphalia


Likeable coach with own experiences. In principle simple methods, that just have to be put to practice. – Andreas from Hagen


A stimulating coaching, which made me think about my life and caused personal development. – Petra from Duisburg

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