With the Krautworking NL Podcast I want to support you, finding a job in the Netherlands. And I’m not talking about just „any kind of work“ to earn money, but about a job, that really suits you. Your new job should be fun and also personal development for you. Like your step going abroad. In this introduction episode of my new podcast I’ll let you know, what kind of content you can expect and how this content is going to support you during your job hunt. Because the Krautworking NL podcast will be an interview show first of all, I’ll also reveal, who I would like to interview and how my guests and the interviews are going to help you.

First-hand knowledge: Interviews with Dutch guests

The jobseekers podcast from Endlich Montag!

The Krautworking NL Podcast is a further development of my German Jobseekers Podcast, which I published on my website „Endlich Montag!“ (Thank god it’s Monday) from January 2016 until January 2020. I produced a few more than 100 episodes, which are still available. If you understand German, then listen to them as well. I’m sure that there is content in my German podcast that will also be very useful when you are going on a job hunt in the Netherlands.

My plan is, to have similar content in the Krautworking NL Podcast, with a focus on the Netherlands and the Dutch labour market of course. Additionally I’m now having space for „special topics“ like e. g. social insurance or cultural differences. Regarding the cultural differences I already did some research and I have to admit: I’m really looking forward to this exciting topic! 🙂

I decided to exclusively have guest from the Netherlands as interviewees. Because what we want to have is first-hand knowledge! That’s why this podcast will be in English language. I can imagine only a very few exceptions from this rule. Spontaneously a person comes into my mind, who works for a German organisation who’s purpose it is, to support cross-border working. Or German job hunters, who already found a job in the Netherlands, where we can learn something from his or her job search.

I’ll be on location for you

Personal contact is really important to me. More than ever, when it’s about job search! That’s because I specialised on the hidden job market, where vacancies get filled via personal contacts and networks (which job seekers you sometimes have to build up from zero contacts). Because in the end the following rule applies: The good jobs go to people, who are known with their name and their face. 😉 Because personal contact is so important to me, I’ll record a lot of interviews on location in the Netherlands. Which also will be good for the sound quality …

Apart from the personal contacts, I like to be in the Netherlands. And wouldn’t it be mean, if everybody comes to the Netherlands, except of me? 😉 That would be like a blind man, talking about colours, as we say in Germany.

The Podcaster, Humour-Coach and Career Consultant you trust: Heiko Link 😉

Content of the Krautworking NL Podcast

This is, what I planned for you:

  • Interviews with people who make the HR-decisions for their company
    From managing directors, personnel managers, executives, … I would like to know amongst other things, how they search and find staff, how they select candidates and what a German job hunter can do, to get a job in a Dutch company.
  • Cultural differences
    How distinguish Dutch employers from German employers? And what about my future colleagues: Do they have the same attitude regarding work like German colleagues would have? What kind of new life is waiting for me in the Netherlands? Regarding work as well as my private life. That’s something I also want to find out with my interviews.
  • Find a job you really like
    As a career consultant and job coach I’m of course concerned with the question to which aspects I have to pay attention, so that work is fun and that it suits to me. I’m also taking the social point of view into consideration: Is it allowed to enjoy work? Is it okay, to get payed for work, when „working“ feels more like playing for me and when I do my work with pleasure? As you can see, it might get a little philosophical sometimes. 😉 What I also want to provide when we are talking about your dream job is content and and some tools from coaching and training.
  • Job search in the hidden labour market
    How works a job search through networks? How have others done that? Regarding this you’ll also get content and tools from my coaching and training. Besides that I hope to get the chance to interview job hunters who already found a job.
  • Colleagues & Co
    Exchange with colleagues is important. That’s why I would like to interview Dutch coaches, consultants or trainers, to get useful tips and tricks for you (and me). Key-Note-Speaker, university lecturers, labour market experts or lawyers specialised in labour law, would also be interesting interviewees.
  • Self-employment / Freelancer
    Some job hunters find their new job in their own company. For everybody who is thinking about becoming a founder or who wants to work as a freelancer in the future, I’ll visit Dutch business incubator places to record interviews.
  • General labour issues and useful tools
    What’s important to know about social insurance in the Netherlands? Is there any vocabulary I should know, when I’m looking for a job in the Netherlands? Which dictionaries or apps are good assistants in communication? What are the authorities I have to deal with? For all these questions I’m looking for interviewees, to get the best answers for you. And when it’s about e. g. a vocabulary-app, I might as a special exception record a solo episode for you.
  • Humour
    If something goes wrong, how can I carry on cheerfully? How can I cope with failure? How can humour help me, when I got stuck and I just can’t think properly anymore? You’ll also get some useful input regarding this, in my Krautworking NL Podcast.

Provocative Humour-Coaching

The Humour Podcast from Business Lemonade

Really important during a job search and in your whole life ist not to loose your humour. Sometimes shit simply happens. At least in my life. 😉 Humour isn’t only essential to cope with life in general, it is also a really strong coaching tool. That’s why I’m working as a humour coach. If you want to know more about that, I can most warmly recommend my Business Lemonade Humour Podcast to you. You better don’t miss that.

Some contents of my Humour Podcast / humour coaching are also useful for job seekers. That’s why I easily can imagine to record a kind of „crossover-episodes“. These episodes could be available in both podcast. Or I might have an interviewee, who could be my guest in both podcast shows. In that case we could record two different interviews. One for each podcast.

For sure there will soon be episodes in English language with Dutch interviewees in my Humour Podcast. If you are interested in that, stay tuned. Because: Much to my delight I noticed, that there is a lot of „humour stuff“ going on in the Netherlands. I already made appointments for some interviews, and I’m really looking forward to them! 🙂

You’re welcome to send your questions

Your questions are going here, too!

I would be glad, if you like my podcast idea and the content I planned für the Krautworking NL Podcast. And I would be even more glad, if you subscribe to my podcast and recommend it to others. 😉

Enjoy listening and if you have any questions to me or to me interviewees, you are very welcome to send them to me. Just write a comment, send a mail or call me. And if there is any topic you would like to have in a podcast episode, please let me know.

Proceed cheerfully! 🙂

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